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John Adams: World’s Biggest Debt Bubble And Greatest Depression Ever!


In this latest interview, Brian and Darryl Panes from As Good As Gold Australia, talk with Chief Economist, John Adams.
Just under a week ago, the Australian Prime Minister and the opposition leader held a National Debate, and were asked about inflation and the cost of living. John’s conclusion from the debate – neither party had a solution to Australia’s mortgage stress. Concerning, when facing the biggest financial crisis in the history of economics.
Last week, the RBA raised official interest rates for the first time in 11.5 years. What was behind their decision making process and what are the likely consequences? John confirms that we are heading for hyperinflation here in Australia – are we looking at another Weimer Republic?
How about an incoming labour government taking a 40% ownership in your new home? John shares the potential ramifications of this rather indifferent policy.
The Dow Jones and S&P are down 11% and 13.8% respectively for the year to date. It’s the worst start for the S&P since WWII. How will both exchanges perform over the rest of the year?
The Crypto market is also in uncharted waters, currently down 50% since its November peak. Now more than ever, with failing currencies and all major markets in a sea of red. How important is it to own the world’s number one safe haven investment – gold.  




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