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How cloud seeding makes it rain artificially


Controlling the weather may still be years away, but scientists and farmers are using a technology called cloud seeding, which makes water vapour in clouds to collide, turning it into precipitation that would not otherwise fall to earth. But how does it work and who does it benefit?

What is Cloud Seeding? Cloud Seeding with Silver Iodide 


WHAT IS CLOUD SEEDING? Cloud seeding is a weather-modification technique that enhances natural rain through the addition of particulates to clouds. Silver iodide, dry ice, and potassium iodide are the most commonly used particulates in cloud seeding.

HAARP – Weather Manipulation


HAARP: What is it?

Weather control: HAARP

HAARP array: Gakona, Alaska
HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defense project which generated quite a bit of controversy over its alleged weather control capabilities and much more.


HAARP Weather Control – A Terrifying Look at The Control of Weather Warfare


HAARP, Chemtrails, atmospheric warming. Weapons used to produce earthquakes, tsunami, volcano eruption, global warming, lightening, cyclones, tornado, floods, drought, mega storms… etc, etc…

Dr. Michio Kaku admitted that HAARP electromagnetic waves can be used to stimulate geophysical events such as can modify the weather, earthquakes, climate change, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and the like.



Man Made Biblical Flood For The Land Of Oz

Recorded on February 26, 2022, right before the severe rains we had that caused the worst floods in northern NSW.

Flashback 2012:
GeoEngineering in Australia – Australian Rain Corporation

Australian Rain Corporation (Australian Rain Technologies) is owned by Sydney multi-millionaire and nephew of Rupert Murdoch, Matt Handbury and wife Clare and the company attracted some notoriety in 2007 when former Liberal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull awarded ARC a $10 million grant to trial the rain-making technology, a month before the Federal Election in November 2007.



The Australian companies manipulating our weather

Turnbull pumps $10m into rainmaking gamble

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