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Meet Wendy

Welcome to my world of favourite things that inspire me in my everyday life.

This blog is about my life experiences that have got me to where I am today. Things I have done when life brings the good and the not so good. My life is not exceptional in any way but I have found that when people do hear some things about my life, they often compliment me about how I have gotten through them. I would like to share some of those things with you by writing about them here.


Wendy BoonLife began for me in Melbourne, Australia. I was the first born of five children, the youngest being twins. At age 15, my family moved to Sydney where I live now in the beautiful beach side suburb of Manly, famous for the beautiful pine trees that line the ocean beach front.

I became a Registered Nurse which was my childhood vocation and I nursed both in Sydney and in London over the next 14 or so years. I married after some traveling around Europe and California and enjoyed some time working with my husband on movie sets in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. I was the nurse on location and he was the financial controller. He always said that we had the best pillow talk on the movie set as he knew who owed who for the money and I knew about everyone’s social activities!  There was not much on the set that we did not know between us, about our co-workers or stars, and there was lots of fun as well as hard work for both of us. Life was wonderful and exciting and I was very happy with the way my life was going. A few years later, we had our two beautiful boys who were my husband’s pride and joy.

On December 30, 1996, when my eldest son was 8 and my younger son 6, our world changed over night when my husband passed away suddenly at age 48. The next two and a half years felt like a nightmare that never seemed to end for me. I used to say that “grieving is the pits”. People tell you that time heals, but at that time one finds it hard to believe. But true to the saying, time does heal and life goes on. After all, I had two beautiful boys to bring up and I was determined to do the very best I could, without their father.


Picture above shows my partner and I, our dogs, and my two sons in Sydney, Australia!

My journey since then has been full of twists and turns. This is the part of my life I will mostly be sharing here. Many things have happened to me since this time and where I have had many challenges to endure.

I hope you will get something out of my experiences to assist you in your life in some small way.

Nothing would make me happier to know I may have inspired someone else in some small way to help them with their challenges.

So enjoy my blog and let me know how I can help you, as we go along.

With love and inspiration,




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