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Pharma-Funded TGA Downplays Pfizer Adverse Events


Who got it wrong on ‘vaccine’ side-effects?
World leading virology and pharmacology experts who spent months peer reviewing Pfizer’s own COVID phase III trial data, reaching the conclusion this product was associated with serious adverse events four times higher than any benefit touted such as ‘reduced hospitalization’? OR the politically compromised advisory panel that shot the scientific article down within a few weeks of it being published? 


Senator Malcolm Roberts here asked the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) this and other important questions as part of a recent Senate Public Hearing.



Discover the truth about Pfizer’s COVID vaccine side effects that the TGA doesn’t want you to know. Leading experts have raised concerns about serious adverse events associated with the vaccine. Learn why the politically compromised advisory panel ignored this crucial information. Senator Roberts wants a Royal Commission set up to find out the exact figures and data regarding deaths, myocarditis and cancers as well as many many adverse effects.


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