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Attorney General Responds to Former Senator Rod Culleton


With the Attorney General’s response to Rod Culleton last week it appears the Government and associated entities have been acting unconstitutionally and therefore unlawfully since the Commonwealth Seal was removed in the 70s by Labor’s Gough Whitlam.

Rod Culleton finally got a reply to the Freedom Of Information request written 2 months ago to the Attorney-General for legality of the removal of the Great Seal Of the Commonwealth in 1973. 

The Great Seal is required to make Commonwealth Law. It is the most central thing to run Government and Parliament under the Constitution.

The answer came in yesterday morning. They have now admitted that they “DID NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY” to remove the Great Seal in 1973.

That means it is ‘ILLEGAL AND DONE IN TREASON”. And every ACT since, is NOT VALID LAW, NO AUTHORITY” means there has been NO LAW ever since. 

The document received is the single most important thing to blow every current government and Parliament in Australia, out of the water. It is the ‘magic bullet’ that has hit them right between the eyes. 

Documents today have been filed with the Federal Police.

The UK Government has also been put on notice.

Here is Rod making the announcement at the Freedom Rally in Perth on May 14, 2022.


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