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Aussie Floods, Weather Manipulation, Agenda 21 & Climate Lockdowns

A great video by Dale describing the weather modification, using chem trails and chem bombs, that is happening on the east coast of Australia in late February, early March 2022 and the terrible damage it has inflicted on the land, to humans and the animals. 

Have you heard of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30? Now that Covid is quietening down, it’s time to bring up the climate change agenda again. This video will explain to you the plans the UN and globalists have for the population of the world and how they were going to achieve these plans. This is already well underway in Australia.

They want to restrict our freedoms further by going after freedom of movement, freedom of car ownership, restricting our reasons to fly and to travel, restricting our movements for going to the store, everything it means to be a free person. Plenty of info in this video.



What Is Agenda 21? Simple Explanation Here….






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