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Canberra – First Nation’s Elders serving document at Government House – 25.03.22


25.03.22 First Nation’s Elders serve documents to the Governor General (David Hurley) through the Australian Federal Police at Government House gates, Canberra.

Friday 25th March at 2pm Glebe Park, Canberra


An historic occasion took place that will be spoken about for years to come.

Over 30 First Nation Sovereign elders and lore makers travelled over 10,000Km from all over Australia.

Tribes that have traditionally been at war with each other for generations came together and embraced each other as brothers and sisters.

Important ceremonies were put on hold while the elders travelled to Canberra.

They welcomed all Australians to join them, so that together we/ they will take back our land that was stolen from us by a foreign corporation.

In Canberra, you were part of history in the making, uniting as one people. 

After speeches and cultural displays, all marched together as one to Parliament.

First Nation’s People make history in Canberra 26th March 2022


The next day at the people’s protest, The Elders gave this talk to those present.




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