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Renewable Energy Australian Whistle Blower


An ex Australian Government employee blows the lid off the renewable energy scam.

Did you know that wind turbines need coal fired power in order to operate? Otherwise the turbines do not begin to turn. They also require huge amounts of oil to maintain their function. 

On top of that, companies are making between $600.000 – $900,000 per turbine per year as a direct  subsidy by installing turbines on farmers properties. While the farmers gets paid a rent of $12,000 per year, they are responsible to maintain the turbine at all times. 

It seems these turbines do little to help produce energy as you will hear in this short video from a lady who was working for a Liberal Senator as policy advisor in the Howard government, in the Renewable Energy section, when the Renewable Energy Act was signed in 2002. What she explains could be one reason why our power bills continue to go up!

And then there is the question of how to dispose of these turbine blades when they become dysfunctional after 20 years. Not to mention what happens to the bird life? Guess it’s called progress!



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