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Published July 25, 2022



“For I, the Lord, this day am telling My children to start to celebrate.

Have you not seen the things I have already started to do for you? And this is a drop in the bucket of what I am about to do for you.

Your enemies are losing their grip. They are losing everywhere they look. They’re losing at everything they are doing. They are failing and don’t know what to do about it.”

Listen to the prophecy of the day below, it fills me with great joy to hear this.



For I the Lord this day Am encouraging my children that everything will be OK. Nothing you see now will stay that way. Great changes are upon you like the world has never seen. So stand fast on my word that I am your deliverer and I am doing what I have promised to do. I am saving you from the hand of the wicked and the oppressors. They will not succeed in anything they do. So stand with me and I will guide you and I will protect you and I will give you peace and rest during these times of great changes.

1). Apocalyptic this word will be used in your news to describe certain things that are taking place around the world. Do not believe what they say and do not fear. Judgments are occurring all over the world like the plagues of Egypt to release my people and set the captives free from the enemies control. This destruction is for your enemies. They are panicking right now and you will see that more and more. So stay in my word and nothing will move you.

2). Archaeologists will be in your news for an unusual reason.

3). Mount Sinai will be in your news and something will be spotted and it’s no accident. Remember I am still the same God yesterday, today, and forever.

4). Pegasus, this name will be in your news. The truth will continue to pour out and it can no longer be hidden.

5). France will fall, this will be in your news.

6). Many nations are collapsing all over the world. Economies, food… it’s all being interrupted and destroyed. The globalists wanted these collapses to take over the world. What they didn’t know that I have their plans and all of it will be destroyed….and it is being destroyed as I speak these words.

7). There will be a collapse all right, but it will be the globalists and their economy and their world order. Watch them all fall in these great days of changes.

8). Economies worldwide will stall, they will fall it will appear like a worldwide collapse has occurred. My children, remember these words…Babylon the system is falling. It’s theirs and everything they have will be annihilated by me.

9). Supply chain disruption worldwide, they will scream. They have it stored in store houses that are full of stuff, they are taking and hoarding for themselves. The store houses have been found and filmed. This will be exposed to the world whose name they are under and which corporations are involved. This was timed for the depopulation, mass deaths worldwide.… An Economy to fall everywhere in apocalyptic type of event will take place so they would take over. But I am taking over them and none of them will be left standing.

10). My children I am your provider so trust me to provide, trust me to restore what has been stolen. Your enemies will never win against me against me.

11). Acrobat this name will be in your news.

12). A congregation will be shaken, their leader will take a hit & the truth will come out who he really is. My children things are shaking and people are being removed from everywhere including from my pulpit. I am doing a cleansing of my churches.

13). A poisonous reptile will be in your news and this is not the only reptile being reported in your news. I am exposing all the snakes and all the liars everywhere.

14). Constantinople, this name will be in your news and this location will be reported on.

15). Istanbul this will be in your news, truth is coming out everywhere.

16). Cannabis this word will be in your news.

17). Axle this name will be in your news.

18). An axe head will also be in your news. A Surprise is coming and one that will shock the world, in a good way.

19). Swimmers ear will be in your news for an unusual reason.

20). A war cry will be heard in nations all around the world. The resistance is growing. Things are intensifying and will get to an explosive place.

Remember my children you are part of the great exodus. So things may appear one way when they are another.

So do not believe them, do not bow down or give in to fear. In this time I am growing you into being a person I put you on this earth to be. Remember, my three Hebrew men, I brought them out without any sign they were ever in that furnace and that is happening again.

Shout your freedom here, your deliverance is here, your healing is here, your restorations are here…because I am here, saith the Lord your redeemer. 



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