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Recorded in 1967, This Perfectly Describes the World Today


Imagine a world where nothing is random and major events that happened worldwide were written down hundreds of years ago. What you are about to hear was recorded in 1967 and it perfectly describes the world we live in today.

Recorded by Myron C Fagan, a famous Hollywood writer who rose through the ranks of the Hollywood elite uncovering some nasty secrets along the way. He made it his life’s work to expose the darkness that he personally saw with his own two eyes.

This recording is the culmination of his life’s work and through a historical lense he reveals what has been hiding in the shadows for hundreds of years. What you are about to hear is not conspiracy theory but rather documented historical fact that holds up to the most rigid scrutiny – The Illuminati and the Council of Foreign Relations.

The NWO has been a coordinated effort that has involved banking cartels, tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, media conglomerates, the education system and the Deep State.

In this well put together research the key figures are outlined and the satanic doctrine that they follow through secret societies, are explained. The findings by Mr. Fagan were split into 6 parts, between 3 records at the time and are presented to you here, in this full version (audio) below. 



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