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Q and Ascension – A Chat with FCB, Honey, and Shanti


Meet FCB, (Freedom Channel Broadcaster) who is an Australian expert in the decoding of the Q Drops. Honey is an intuitive and a healer and links a lot of things together to bring a deeper understanding for people. Shanti is also intuitive and likes to put it all together with her research. In this interview, the three of them discuss the current world situation in some detail covering a number of topics.

The Q drops are used by the military in the Q Plan which was created after the assassination of JFK, (President Kennedy) in 1963. JFK created the Special Forces to bring the power back to the people and to destroy the evil of this world. The Q plan was designed to wake up the people organically and FCB explains this in this video, which is a very informative video. 

Currently, we are getting rid of the world’s evil and we are trying to fathom the enormity of this plan while we are trying to create the Great Awakening all at the same time, which is huge.

Enjoy this chat.


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