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Digital ID or Digital Dictatorship – Using Facial Recognition


 Digital ID or Digital Dictatorship? – Presentation by Aman Jabbi. Live streamed to Central Coast community NSW on 2nd June 2022.

Aman was at the forefront of video and camera technology in Silicon Valley. He has co-founded two camera startups. If you have a camera in your phone, stream video or movies, he played a part in it.

Aman has a BS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and MS in Chemistry from BITS in India, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University and studied Computer Science at Stanford University.

Have a listen to hear more about the smart cities infrastructure and implications, as its planned to descend upon us sometime soon! Newcastle is named as one of the first trial smart cities in Australia.

You’ll also hear concepts such as: stakeholder capitalism, 4th Industrial revolution, digital real estate, the metaverse, lock down matrix, carbon credits, social credit score, facial recognition technology, public private partnership – all the concepts discussed by the WEF technocrats at Davos 22-26th May 2022.

This video shows what the AI (Artificial Intelligence) using their advanced technology have planned for us as the way we are to live in the very near future and it is very scary as it shows their total control and loss of ALL our rights and liberties as human beings. Watch this video and leave me a comment below. 



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