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The Great Awakening with Eli Weber (Kabbalah Guru) and Ismael Perez.


Words of wisdom from Kabbalah Guru (Eli Weber) about the Great Awakening and the coming of the amazing new world.

“NCSWIC” – Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

In this video, Kabbalah gives us his thoughts after the interview he did with Ismael Perez on July 16, 2022.

Are you ready?

Here are some pieces of the puzzle for you.



Ismael Perez talks with Kabbalah Guru – Full Interview.


What is the Great Awakening and the Ascension of our bodies into the new reality/ dimensions of this world? 

3D to 5D Consciousness.

How about Nesara / Gesara and the new QFS (Quantum Financial System). How does it all relate to what is coming?

Here is the full interview that was done on July 16, 2022. Plenty of things to mull over and think about from this interview.


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