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John Adams: Banks Preparing For Huge Surge In Precious Metals Prices


In this latest interview, Brian and Darryl Panes from As Good As Gold Australia chat with Chief Economist, John Adams. John provides a helicopter overview of the global economic picture.

Is Australia at risk of descending into chaos like Sri Lanka? In the past three months, we have seen the RBA raise interest rates on 3 occasions from 0.1% – 1.35% and the Commonwealth Bank is forecasting another 0.5% in August and September respectively. What will be the implications of these policies?

The price of gold and silver has gone down considerably since April, and this has caused concern among some investors. What is driving prices at the moment and is the price of gold and silver likely to recover in the near future?

Lets not forget, the gold price confirms the government’s absolute mismanagement of the economy and fiat currencies. The higher the gold price – the worst they have mismanaged the economy.





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