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Joint Campaign Combs Through Thousands of Pfizer Documents

Steve Bannon interviews Dr Naomi Wolf about the release of the Pfizer documents and their findings.

This first segment with Dr Naomi Wolf outlines the most recent emerging information on vaccines that is attracting the attention of lawyers.  The conduct of enforcing vaccine policy may even expose some people and organizations to criminal charges!



Emerald Robinson Reports on News Outlets Taking Money to Promote Covid Vaccine 

This segment from Bannon’s program, is information arising from a Freedom of Information type request and reveals how the US Government paid main stream media not to report any adverse results from Covid19 vaccines and only provide positive and supportive commentary. 

What the media did went beyond paid government advertising.  It is clear that more will be coming out concerning what the US Government has done so far as in controlling the media and the roll of the media in influencing people to take action that ultimately led to adverse health outcomes. 

Our Oz Chief Medical Officers who base their decisions on the US FDA, CDC along with our University experts who rely on significant Big Pharma research funding may eventually have some explaining to do – along with those in Industry who will probably raise a previously unsuccessful defence – ‘I was only following orders’.





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