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OFFICIAL MOVIE: “2000 Mules”


This is the official 2000 Mules movie by Dinesh D’Souza.

Dinesh on how “2000 Mules” shows that Trump easily won the 2020 election:

“In this movie, we show that there are at least 400,000 fraudulent votes and when you look at them state by state…And if you re-do the electoral map, you’ll see that means that Trump WON the 2020 election.”

Trump winning is now a proven fact. They cannot hide from this truth.

Do you really think that they want this situation exposed? You know this movie must be “over the target” when –

      • Twitter is removing “2000 Mules” accounts and trying to block posts about this.
      • Movie theatres in major US cities are refusing to show the film.
      • Major news media are either ignoring it or trying to “fake fact check” it.
      • The US Supreme Court is being threatened about investigating further.


Response to Ben Shapiro’s Critique of “2000 Mules.”


Here’s what Ben Shapiro gets wrong about “2000 Mules.”



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