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The Voice Referendum Scheme Exposed

The Voice Referendum Scheme Exposed

Lurnpa David Cole Exposes the ‘The Voice’ Referendum Scheme

In this video, Lurnpa David Cole, an Indigenous leader exposes the Corporate Globalist Australian Government’s ‘The Voice’ Scheme to Referendum of the People. He speaks of the plan to alter the Constitution and to take away the natural sovereign rights of ALL the Australian people.

No to Treaty and No to the Voice

The Tribes say no to an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and No to a Treaty, because they have not been consulted and do not want to have others making decisions for them that they are not aware of.

To enter anyone into a contract or agreement there must be full disclosure and informed consent, there has been no consultation with most of the Tribal people. The Aboriginal people pushing it can only speak for their own country and not others, to do otherwise is breaking our law.

The Treaty and Voice are nothing but corporate agreements and a trap for the Tribal People across these lands and we Say NO!