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NSW State Election 2023 Update

NSW State Election 2023 Update

NSW State Election 2023 Update 


Riccardo Bosi and Dave Graham aka “Guru” speak about the upcoming NSW state election on March 25, 2023.

Here they explain what needs to be achieved to obtain the balance of power in NSW. Australia One as a group have 18 candidates for the upper house.

In this video you will hear the words of Riccardo and Guru as they talk about life changing issues. Very interesting topics discussed, worth listening! 

Edited on March 10 – The original video I had posted here has now been removed from the source for some reason. This tells me that the information discussed in it for the election must have been right on. I am now posting this older video for your information.

NB. As of the date of closing for candidates nominating for this election, Australia One Group have obtained 18 candidates (from the initial 2) now listed for this election as Independents for the upper house of NSW.



The site mentioned in the above video has now been launched in order to obtain volunteers for the Australia One Group campaign. Please register at this address if you can help out in various capacities listed on the site.


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