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Further Information on the Med Beds

Further Information on the Med Beds

Further Information on the Med Beds!


Her Name on YouTube Is Skye Prince. Check her out here.


This is Skye Prince, a lady from Sydney Australia. She knows a lot about the Med Beds as she was born into a family who took part in the “Secret Space Program”. She is very involved with the admin and launching of this new technology. She tells her story in this video below.

Obviously, this is all new to us, as the truth up until now has been kept from us, but the more one looks into some of these topics, one finds that there is so much information that HAS been kept secret from the public, up until this present time.

As we are now in the time of “The Great Awakening” the earth’s people are starting to hear the real truth and I believe that Skye Prince and her story is one tiny bit of it along with the type of technology that is waiting for us to “wake up” so that announcements can be made that these med beds are real and will be made available to the public as treatments, for all people and for all types of health issues.

Really exciting times we are living in, that’s for sure!

Here is Skye Prince with her story.


Here is an interesting video explaining the various types of beds. The secret space program med bed is designed, developed and used to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, rejuvenate, regrow, re-anabolization. These treatments will be free of charge at the medical centers when they become available, 

In this video, Skye explains the difference between these beds and some others which must be paid for and are for virtual meditation, something called 90.10 meditation beds. I am not familiar with these and they come at a cost of over $2000 Skye says. 


Here is further information regarding getting onto a list to receive updates regarding the healing centers and their med beds worldwide. This is for updates in your country. Skye explains here how to do this.

She has created some groups on social media – Military Med Bed Patient Updates [Global].

Facebook and Telegram 



This video may help you if you are looking to work with these med beds in the healing centers. Follow Skye’s instructions. 

Telegram group that she mentions is – Telegram



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Holographic Medical Pods and Secret Space Programs

Holographic Medical Pods and Secret Space Programs

Med Beds: Introducing Quantum Healing Technologies


The excitement builds around forecasts of the introduction of med beds, said to coincide with the announcement of NESARA/GESARA. 

Three types of Med Beds will be available to the public for treatments –

  • Diagnosis and Surgery
  • Regeneration of Missing Limbs
  • Rejuvenation

Medical centres and healing centres are currently being setup worldwide with staff being hired and requiring training on operating these amazing quantum machines. An extremely exciting time to be alive.

Check the video and pictures below. 





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The world is about to take a giant quantum leap into the revolutionary ‘New Age’ of healing technology systems that will become an integral part of transforming the way our traditional medical communities heal and remedy the masses with plasmatic use energies and healing frequencies.

Can you dare to imagine at some point in the future of the world, hospitals will play a very different role, they will be fortified with many unique quantum technology devices; lasers and Med Beds; Big Pharma will be eradicated; this futuristic technology will promote longevity and humanity will be free of the masses suffering from strokes, heart disease and many other diseases that contribute to the evils of ill health.

Read more about the med beds here with this article.


Introducing Quantum Med Beds and Quantum Healing Technologies



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