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Affirmations – What Questions Are You Asking Yourself?

Affirmations – What Questions Are You Asking Yourself?

Affirmations – What Questions Are You Asking Yourself?

“Afformations” – New “Afformations” Training and Formula For Abundance…

Find out if you are asking yourself the RIGHT questions for your “afformations” in this video with Mike.


Asking yourself the right kind of questions may just be the missing piece to reprogramming your subconscious mind to hitting all the goals that you ever shoot for…

For one of my mentors, Mike, almost every single “Afformation” he has been speaking for over 12 months, has now actually happened in his life!


Here is the concept behind The Book of Afformations

Noah St. John created his own word “afformations” with an ‘o,’ instead of affirmations.  He was in the shower and got this idea that the mind thinks in questions; kind of like a Google search.  Noah came to the conclusion that the mind is always trying to search for an answer.

A lot of the time, we will say things to ourselves that we don’t believe.  We will use affirmations such as:

“I am rich” or “I am wealthy.”

Your mind doesn’t believe it.  Belief is one of the most powerful things.  If you don’t believe your own affirmations, they are not going to come true.

If you are saying, “I am making $1000 a day,” every single day, but you don’t actually believe it; it is not going to happen.

You would have to work on your subconscious mind to get yourself to believe that you can make a $1000 a day before that affirmation will work.

What Noah St. John came up with, is changing the affirmation statement into an afformation.

Afformations – A Positive Question

Instead of “I am rich” you say, “Why am I so rich?”  You ask yourself a positive afformation.

What does this do?  Your mind thinks in questions.  Here is an example…

Have you ever heard someone say, “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why do bad things always happen to me?”

That is an afformation, and here is what is happening…

When you ask yourself negative questions, your subconscious mind starts looking for the answer.  Negative things begin to manifest into your life.

When you change your words around a little bit and say, “Why am I so rich?,” now you don’t have to believe the statement because it is a question.

Now your mind is thinking how and looking for the answer.  This is powerful information for the subconscious mind.  You are training yourself to look for the answer.  You may not have the answer right away, but it will come to you when you are persistent.

Start asking yourself positive questions.

Now, let’s take this formula into business.

Afformations & Goal Setting

Write down some goals that you have in your company.  Write down some goals that you have in your health and wellness or your spiritual life.  Turn those goals into ‘why’ questions today.

Here are some examples of what has worked for me…

“Why is it so easy to earn $3000 a day?”

“Why do we enroll eight people per day into Empower Network so easily?”

“Why is it so fun and easy to generate 1,000 quality leads every day?”

“Why do I attract leaders to join my team?”

“Why do I attract people with lots of money and dedication to building the business?”

I have been saying these afformations to myself for over a year, and now they are manifesting into my life, because my brain was looking for the answers.  This is super powerful!

Write down your afformations around your company, your goals.  Write one afformation in your life that you want to share with everybody and put it in the comments section below.  Please do it right now.

Share this post with other people so that they can put theirs below as well.  Let’s see how many afformations we can get out there.

I don’t know what your goals are, but we both know that you want to hit them.  It could work for you too if you are consistent and focused on seeking the answers to your “Afformations”…

If you love this concept you may want to click here to pick up The Book of Afformations: Discovering the Missing Piece to Abundant Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness” by Noah St. John.

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