Congratulations for Purchasing Your New Kangen Water Machine!

For your information, the word “Kangen” means – “Return To Origin” in Japanese.

Therefore, you have made the best choice for the health of yourself and your family!

Here is a video explaining the Enagic Kangen K8 water machine, how to use it and  how to install it.

Introduction to the K8 Kangen Water Machine


How to Install A New K8 Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer (Detailed)


When you first begin drinking Kangen water, I recommend that you begin with the pH 8.5 water for at least the first 24 hours while your body adjusts. As your body gets used to the alkalinity of this water, you can increase it to pH 9.0 and then to pH 9.5. Your body will be doing some detoxing when you first start on this water which is why I recommend starting at the lower level and moving up over a few days. Most people then stay on the pH 9.5, but a few remain on a lower pH according to their own body and what feels best for them.

I should also mention that alkaline water is affected by UV sunlight, therefore, it needs to be stored in blue  or black (dark) coloured containers, away from the sunlight.

I fill some Enagic blue and purple coloured bottles and a blue jug in the morning to use throughout the day and refill as needed. These bottles are completely safe to use, and do not leach any chemicals or hormones etc into the water which is what happens with the cheap water bottles people buy for their water on a daily basis, especially when they leave them in the sun and heat, eg in the car.

Strong alkaline and acidic water used for cleaning purposes I store in the black bottles available from the company in assorted styles and sizes. You will find these listed on the Accessory Order Page at minimal cost. Check out the various drinking and storage bottles, items 29 to 39 on the Accessory list in different sizes.

Please note, never run hot water through your machine, always check to make sure you are running cold water only when using the machine.

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Here is another video with some wonderful information about your new machine and what it can do for you!

Enagic Kangen Water 12 Minute Demo with the K8 system

What Is Kangen Water pH 2.5 & 11.5             

and how to use these waters around your home.


Here is a link to the Accessories Order Form for when you want to order replacement filters, machine cleaning equipment or water storage bottles and more.

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Maintaining Your Machine to Get the Most Life Out of It – 25 Years +!

Your machine will tell you when it wants to do an automatic cleaning of the unit. The voice will tell you that it is time for a cleanse. With one of the alkaline waters set on the machine, turn on your tap and the faucet to ionizer setting and let the water run through the machine until it lets you know that it is producing your selected pH water again. This usually takes about 30 seconds to complete and the machine will want to do this roughly every 15 minutes of water use.

About once a month, you should give your machine a deep cleanse as shown in this video below. All the components for a deep cleanse came in the box when your machine arrived and you can order more as required using the Accessories Order Form here and faxing that to the company to place your order.

How to Deep Clean Your Kangen K8 Water Machine


If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me for help.

Would you like to see what else is available from Enagic? Go here for a look!


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Other Resource Pages Here –

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Specific Kangen Water Uses

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As the proud new owner of your Kangen water machine, you are now entitled to share these machines and their benefits with others if you so wish.

Contact me for details on how to go about this.

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Wishing you a life time of good health for you and your family with your Kangen K8 water machine!

Enjoy caring for your family’s health with the healthiest water ever!


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