Kangan Water Machines – Further Information

I have added here some extra information on this page regarding the various Kangan water machines, how using these machines can improve your health and how you can make money if you wish to sell these machines after purchasing one for yourself.

Benefits of Kangen Water for Disease Prevention

Here is another video which covers the health and wealth that comes with using an Enagic Kangan water machine.

Kangen Water Uses in Japanese Hospitals

The LeveLuk K8 machine is the current top of the range machine and the video below explains the compensation plan using this machine as the example.

Note that the dollars mentioned in the video are in $US.

K8 Compensation Plan Video

The Enagic 8 Point Business Model (That Pays Daily)

There are six levels of progression in the Enagic business model and each level requires a certain amount of sales before completion. As a distributor, you begin your entrepreneurial journey, as a “1A”, the “A” stands for “agent” and the number “1” in this case represents the level you are at as well as the amount of points earned per sale. Two sales are needed in order to move on to the next level of “2A” and you’ll receive one commission point for each of those sales.

On your third direct sale, you have officially become a “2A” otherwise known as a 2 point agent, you have also opened up your first 2 point franchisee lane. This means you’ll receive 2 points of commission for every sale you made below you from there.

Now where do the 8 points come in?

Every time an Enagic product is sold, 8 compensation points are distributed amongst the Enagic team distributors, the amount of commission per point depends on the product sold. The Enagic flagship product, the K8 for example,  pays out $US340  per point.

The most popular machine is the SD501 and it pays $US285 per commission point. This is the unit that Herman and I have currently.

Let’s say you’ve made your first sale, that person sells to another who sells to another and so on and so on every time my product is sold underneath you, you will receive commission points as long as the sale was made within the eight points. This means if the distributor eight people down from you makes a sale, you will not receive a commission because the eight points will have been consumed by the eight distributors in your team between you and that sale. Another example would be you are a “6A”, you have just made a direct sale to Charlie. From that sale to Charlie, you have earned six compensation points leaving two points which go to your team above.

When Charlie makes his first two sales, filling his “1A” spots, Charlie earns one compensation point, you earned six and your team above you earns one. When Charlie makes his third sale, this will be his first sale as a “2A” which means he will have earned two compensation points, you will have earned six compensation points and since eight points have already been earned, your team above has been officially cut off from Charlie’s sales.

When Charlie becomes a “3A” you’ll earn 3 points for each sale he makes leaving five points left over. This means instead of earning six points for Charlie’s sales, you will now earn five points. From this point forward,  for every extra point Charlie earns as  he progresses, you will earn one point less.

You also have the ability to skip levels. Say you make your first two sales,  then each one of those two people makes  four sales  each,  when you make your next direct sale you will have skipped your  “2A” level by jumping  directly to your “3A” level.

The amount of money you can earn with an Enagic business is truly limitless. It all depends on your commitment, passion, conviction and strong desire and hunger for financial success which brings true peace of mind, along with improved health.

Please note, commissions are paid daily once direct sales have completed payment.

If you need further information or help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

To your future of good health and wealth,